Caesarstone-iPad Edition

Caesarstone's® New App Turns iPad into Essential Design Tool
Caesarstone's new interactive iPad application gives architects and designers access to an innovative and exceptional design tool, while providing consumers with a user-friendly source of inspiration and information for creating unique home décor.
Tel Aviv, Israel, Feb 23, 2012 – Caesarstone Sdot-Yam Ltd., a leading manufacturer of quartz surfaces, announced today the launch of its new iPad application, "Caesarstone". The app's virtual toolbox offers is a winning combination of interactive design creation capabilities, endless sources of inspiration and easily accessible retailer location information. “We see a great deal of opportunity when it comes to the integration of the iPad into a designer’s day-to-day endeavours", said Yos Shiran, CEO of Caesarstone. “Whether you’re creating an interior décor concept on-the-go, or finding the perfect colour for your new countertop, the iPad app extends both the benefits and relevance of Caesarstone’s digital working tools.”
The Interactive Design Module lets designers try out new concepts by ‘dragging and dropping’ colours and textures, serving as a virtual drawing board for those looking to test new concepts. This module enables the designer to bring design concepts to life and demonstrate in real time how they will look in any space. The app's Camera feature captures existing colours and finds their closest match within Caesarstone’s diverse colour collections, creating designs that can be easily incorporated into existing home décor. When designers are ready to renovate, the app's Where to Buy & View feature provides a location-based list of showrooms and retailers, including details regarding current exhibits and showrooms, as well as directions to each Caesarstone location via Google Maps. Using the My Notebook feature, designers can save their favourite colours and quartz countertops, compare products, and get input from others as they share their creations on Facebook.
The Caesarstone iPad app joins the company’s existing set of interactive design tools that are now offered via the new Caesarstone website and the widely-popular iPhone app. For more information, please visit the Caesarstone website, Facebook page, YouTube channel and download the Caesarstone iPad and iPhone apps at the Apple App store.
About Caesarstone
Founded in 1987 near the ancient Roman city of Caesarea, Caesarstone manufactures high-quality, quartz surface slabs for a variety of uses and applications, such as bathroom vanities, flooring, quartz countertops for kitchens and more. A quartz surface pioneer and global leader, Caesarstone creates surface slabs that are easy to transport, fabricate, install and maintain. They are scratch resistant, heat resistant, non porous, and maintain their lustrous appeal for years to come. With an international distribution network, Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces are readily available worldwide at strategic and accompanied by a comprehensive warranty and service. Caesarstone is constantly focused on maintaining innovation and high quality product while enhancing its commitment to the environment.