Caesarstone introduces its new 2016 colours

Reflecting the most upcoming colour trends paired with timeless compositions, Caesarstone launches its new 2016 designs.
January 2016: Leading manufacturer of high-quality quartz surfaces Caesarstone has introduced four new designs. Three of them belong to the steadily successful Supernatural collection, a range inspired by the colours and patterns found in nature.
The new 2016 additions to the Supernatural Series are the 5031 Statuario Maximus, 5211 Noble Grey and 5104 Tuscan Dawn. These three designs achieve the exquisite appearance of natural stone and include a variety of intricate veins amidst striking yet classic colours.
The Statuario Maximus is an ultra-premium design characterized by an entwining of broad and bold, as well as subtle and delicate veining. It comes in two shades of grey and is set on a soft white background.
Noble Grey is a design inspired by the beauty of marble. Natural, streaming dark veins embellish a rich and gentle grey background.
Tuscan Dawn responds to today's trend for taupe colours, presenting a nature-inspired design that includes light and creamy natural thick veins.
An addition to the varied assortment in the Classico Collection, 1111 Vivid White is a new premium design that celebrates the timeless beauty of the colour white and represents the collection's whitest tonality of white.

"Ranging from time-enduring colours like white to daring, boldly veined designs, the new 2016 colours are created with the view to the upcoming trends and our vision of consistently meeting and anticipating different interior design schemes and palates. They represent our steadily evolving journey as leaders in premium surfaces", says Eli Feiglin, VP of marketing at Caesarstone.