Caesarstone 2015 collections

Concrete Series New 2015 Supernatural designs

January 2015: Caesarstone, the leading manufacturer of premium quartz surfaces, are proud to announce the release of the new Concrete Series and the 2015 additions to the Supernatural Series.​
Concrete Series
Taking the emerging trend for a rough-hewn, industrial aesthetic one step further, the innovative Concrete Series is composed of colours and finishes which emulate the rawlook and coarse texture of concrete, fused together with the unparalleled quality, durability, and ease of Caesarstone surface material. The two new colours are Raw Concrete 4004, featuring a distinctive coarse grey concrete appearance and a grainy texture, and Fresh Concrete 4001, which has the delicate, clean appearance of fine white concrete.

Supernatural Series
Caesarstone is also introducing four new designs to its Supernatural Series, a range inspired by the forms, colours and patterns found in nature and attaining the exquisiteappearance of natural stone. Since its launch, the Supernatural Series has gained in steady popularity all across the world. Its designs include a variety of intricate patterns, richer colours, bolder veins and textures.
The 2015 additions feature stone interpretations that are more expressive, such as the Symphony Grey 5133​, characterized by a textured depth of diagonal lines and dramatic veining , as well as more subtle and elegant marble interpretations such as the​  Taj Royal 5212, characterized by soft veining and warm creamy hues.​
The Cosmopolitan White 5130 ​exhibits a whirlpool of streaming, refined shades and diagonal lines, while Urban Safari 5134 is a more contemporary interpretation of natural stone, with a khaki-tone and spanning diagonal veins.

There is a definite shift towards materials that have a more honest and rough appearance – and the new designs very much embody this direction, capturing the best attributes of the original material together with the advantages unique to Caesarstone.”
The Supernatural Series are our interpretation of natural stone, while the Concrete Series provides a much-needed, high quality, functioning product for architects and designers, allowing them to achieve the perfect industrial look. Applied in a sophisticated manner, these looks own a tactile authenticity that we believe embeds a very honest character into domestic, retail and hospitality environments”.
Eli Feiglin, VP of Marketing at Caesarstone

Note to Editors
Disclaimer: colours will be available in part or as full series in various markets and times.
About Caesarstone
Caesarstone is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ. The company’s surfaces and products are sold in over 50 countries worldwide. Established in 1987, Caesarstone pioneered the original quartz surface and continues to be a leading developer and manufacturer of premium surfaces. Caesarstone surfaces consist of up to 93% quartz and utilize advanced technologies and proprietary know-how. The surfaces are highly functional, design forward and have endless application possibilities including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, flooring, wall panelling, furniture and more. With three diverse collections – Classico™, which includes the Supernatural Collection, Motivo™ and Concetto™ there is no limit to choice. The unique and rich variety of colours, patterns and textures gives each customer the ability to find their ‘ultimate surface’ and create their own unique interior environment. Caesarstone's extensive designs are constantly evolving and developing to meet the latest world trends and the highest level of international quality standards.