Choosing the Right Colours Article

The Oracle of Colours

With trends changing at rapid speeds, decision making about colour selections on a large industrial scale must be done based on style predictions, target markets, production considerations, and, most importantly, the qualities of the products themselves.

We've come to realize that interior designers do not make decisions based upon a one-dimensional colour perspective, they think of colours that complete, contrast, match the colour fan deck, and suit the customers’ needs. So, how do we mix and match between trends and needs? We consult with "colour oracles".

This is exactly where Carolina Calzada-Oliveira enters the scene. She is the marketing and sales manager for Global Colour Research, a leading consulting firm on colour forecasting and trend services for commercial companies worldwide.

How do you stay trendy?

Carolina suggests using a neutral base and introducing trendy colours and shading as accents that are easy to replace. To remain current, it means, for example, to swap out pillows of different colours every few months. This is what the worldwide expert does in her private home.

Pay attention to shades

Colour selection needs to take into consideration the colours of other objects in the landscape. Therefore, when you look at our product catalogue, there is deep significance to shades—even within one specific colour. For example, black saturates and minimizes spaces, particularly small areas, light colours open confined areas, and most ranges of red, in large doses, can agitate, creating an unsettling environment. Of course, these considerations and colour selections must also integrate with your general and specific needs and personal vision for the place being designed.

Music to your eyes

Just as music conveys emotion and intent through sound, colour communicates messages in visual language, setting the tone for the purpose of the space, influencing our feelings and touching our inner selves. When choosing colours – current trends, your personality and existing colours and hues in your home or office should come into effect.