London Design Week

The London Design Festival Will Be Held on September 14th-22nd, 2013- at the Kingdom’s Capital is in Frenzy

The event, which over the last decade became one of the most prominent international design events, is catching up with the reputed Milan Design Week (which introduced the nendo-CaesarStone collaberation). 100% London will feature many attractions and events for professionals and design enthusiasts.

Under the name Design is Everywhere the festival will host 250 different designers and studios, and 300 design events, installations, performances, exhibitions, launches and forums, presenting London as an arena that sets the tone and serves as a central hub for the design scene. Being eclectic and multi-cultural, it seems that there is no better site than London to host this diverse event, bringing together classic and institutional designs with the independent fringe scene. We have listed a selection of a number of the many events that you wouldn't want to miss:

The commercial design exhibition that takes place in a huge site in West London and is one of the festival's most recognized events. This is the place to see this year’s creations from the major design studios and to catch on to the hottest design trends. This year, Ceasarstone will be there with a unique exhibit, first showcased at the international design exhibition in Tel Aviv, displaying Caesarstone Supernatural colours in a simulated natural landscape.

The exhibition is divided into four main areas: interior, office, kitchen and bath and ecological design. For the first time this year, 100% Design will host an international exhibit representing countries from around the world such as Australia, France and Argentina, and small new brands will be given a platform in a dedicated space. During this event last year, over 1,000 new products were presented - a definite must see (September 18th-20th).

Tent London
Tent London is a fair in East London offering a wide and varied view on contemporary design. Alongside the furniture, ceramics and textiles, visitors can set eyes on collections curated for the 100% Norway event, or promenade the compound showcasing works by the Design Academy's’ new graduates. Visitors will get a look at a mix of today's leading trends in design: colour block, crafts and works of art, geometry, décor and the use of metals (September 19th-22nd).

Design Junction
This event began last year, and is a young and vivacious alternative to the regular exhibitions, showcasing a colorful team of designers from around the world. The raison d'etre of this exhibition is to present an alternative to the major events and to walk the fine line between commercial and creative. Special emphasis will be given to the field of space illumination (September 18th-22nd).



The Official Festival
The festival offers a program of events that includes partnerships with leading culture and design institutions in and around London. A good place to start is at the V&A Museum, which will feature, among other displays, an intriguing installation produced in collaboration with "Swarovski". The project is devoted to the little details that are hidden from the naked eye and will provide a new perspective on the museum's archive items using magnifying glasses and lenses. Another installation that is one of the festival's flagship projects is Endless Stair, located on the front of the Tate Modern, offering an impressive and deluding architectural experience.


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The London Design Festival, September 14th-22nd, 2013