A New Colour Collection

Caesarstone makes it a priority to stay in tuned with ongoing trends. We continuously study colour developments, follow exciting architectural designs, and pursue new styles.
Our new colour collection is a mixture that brings you a taste of global designs, helping you express yourself anyway you wish.
Here are their stories: 

4230 Shitake
Shitake’s wholesome earthy tones, reminiscent of a rainy forest day, will bring peaceful balancing energy into any environment. Naturally delicate, its oriental magic will add warmth to any surface throughout your home.

4255 Crème Brule
Enjoy the small pleasures in life with this delectable treat of sweet vanilla and crunchy caramel. Crème Brule is a refreshing indulgence which can be savoured anywhere - a timeless classic for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

4260 Cocoa Fudge
Settle down by the crackling fire, and surrender to the comforting embrace of chocolate warmth. Rich and dynamic, Cocoa Fudge is a well- deserved indulgence served anywhere you choose.

4360 Wild Rice
Gentle breezes softly announcing harvest time. Wild Rice, with its perfect mix of rich brown tones and smoky elegance, is now ready to add unique versatility to your surfaces.

7170 Silver Allure
Send out the invites, polish interiors to perfection, and let your unique sense of style shine. With reflections of glamour – along with just the right amount of eye catching flair, Silver Allure is sure to light up your interior dיcor.