Bathroom Design concept

Bathroom Design: 3 Essential Tips from Caesarstone’s Experts
​When it comes to bathroom designs, we rely on the collective wisdom of our teams located across the globe. We’ve combined our insights into the latest trends in bathroom design with our technical expertise to bring you 3 essential tips:

  1. IT’S TIME TO TAKE BACK YOUR CREATIVE LICENSE. While Caesarstone surfaces have always taken pride in being “user-friendly,” the home décor industry is now following suit. Now, more than ever, the options available to those of you looking to infuse your individual style into your bathroom ideas are both diverse and easy to acquire. With endless surface materials and furniture styles at your fingertips, it is time your bathroom reflected your artistic vision.

  2. CREATING A CLEAN LOOK FOR A CLEAN SPACE. Our team understands the importance of easy-to-maintain surfaces and functional design. The move away from granite tops and marble surfaces towards quartz surfaces can be linked to the latest bathroom design trend towards functional, practical materials that carry aesthetic appeal at the same time. The non-porous nature of quartz surfaces is particularly fitting for areas that tend to be exposed to water and high humidity, such as bathrooms. These conditions tend to affect more porous materials, promoting bacteria growth on such surfaces. 

  3. RECONNECT WITH YOUR ROOTS. With technology and innovation all around us, bathroom renovations can provide a great opportunity to interweave natural tones and materials into a relaxed, rustic design style. Research shows that exposure to nature leads to increased mental health and wellbeing. A bathroom design that incorporates the wonders of the world outside into the walls, surfaces, floors and overall feel of your bathroom can do wonders in creating a sense of calm and tranquility in your home.